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you wanna love meh? fuck you♥

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Jenna // 15 // Female // Finland

b-day 02.06. ( 1992 ) height 157cm piercings 1x lip, tongue, 5xear hobby hiphop/street dance, snowboarding
black, white, red, green, turquoise eyecolor brown haircolor black

likes Tonimusic, summer, piercings, travelling, meet-ups, friends, jdrama, shopping, candy, holidays, stickers, phonestraps, concerts, streetfashion, no-lifing, camwhoring, accessories, eating, dancing, singing, doing stupid things, Kyo, Internet, ganguro, kigurumi, clothes,

BLOOD @ Gloria Club, Helsinki 8.4.2006
Ayabie @ Gloria Club, Helsinki 15.6.2006
D'espairsRay @ Tavastia, Helsinki 26.11.2006
Dir en Grey @ Ankkarock, Korso 5.8.2007
Dir en Grey @ Tavastia, Helsinki 5.11.2007
Toni<3 @ Vantaa, 25.1.2008 <3

Under the "creaks" that rain upon me, the trembling won't stop
I will break my ties with the pain that I can only understand with my mind

Die for me.. for me. You can't save me